Sunday, 11 March 2012

What makes the new iPad tick: A peek inside

Vacuum, there is no competition for the new iPad waltzing. This wow - despite a decent screen, Apple still has to go head-to-head performance.

The four main GPU (graphics processing unit) of the chip - a review site Anandtech A5X that Apple approved the dual - core CPU (central processing unit) sitting right in front.

CPU Apple iPad (which is usually accumulated more attention to the position) when the CPU is really nothing that had not declared the new iPad 2 did not change.

The result, CPU to a GPU Nvidia Apple pitting the four major A5X Four.

So how, for example, against a pile of 1920x1200 screen, Infinity pad transformer will not chip, Asus Nvidia? Anandtech has tried to provide answers.

ASUS and Apple Tablet A5X Anandtech's chip, Tegra 3 for:

A5X: the A5 to the administrative resources of the GPU compared to the doubles. Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX 543 GPU (A5X used), so. Not only increasing the processor count can be expanded to 2x * 2x A5 of the death penalty is practiced in the reserve.
A5X: 720p GLBenchmark (Egypt), and Tegra are expecting a 2x performance gain on 3. Apple does not claim to 4x.

A5X: a new iPad, iPad with pride to a 4x GPU 2x 2 - pixel display in the retina is not sufficient to protect and increase performance. Resolution - There may be some issues with the Apps.
And CPU A5X? To make a choice of four main CPU imagining why Apple: You can also use the multi-IOS Apps of the two cores.

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